A bonding curve is a mathematical curve that defines a relationship between price and token supply. The Initial Bonding Curve Offering is a smart contract created to give tokens a market for buying and selling functions. To buy WOLF tokens, the user needs to send Ethereum (ETH) to the born (Mint) feature(In this function, Wolves are taking birth), which calculates the average price of the token determined by the smart contract by following the linear curve formula. The sell function works in reverse: first, the user needs to interact with the bonding curve, permitting it to take back the number of tokens the user wants to sell (ERC-20) and then trigger the function to take those tokens from the user. The contract will calculate the current average selling price, and the contract will send the correct amount of Ethereum (ETH) to the seller's wallet. Token prices increase and decrease as they are purchased and sold from the contract, respectively. This Werewolf IBCO helps investors gain governance over the Defi ecosystem; the Werewolf IBCO smart contract algorithm allows the creation of an Automatic Market Maker (AMM) and keeping the remaining 100% tokens collateralized in the IBCO at all times. Bonding curve participants can essentially buy and sell tokens back any time at Werewolf's official website for a fair and transparent means of distributing governance rights.

Werewolf IBCO

Initial Bonding Curve Offering participants will be able to invest Ethereum (ETH) in the official website https://app.werewolf.exchange and receive the WOLF Token to their wallet immediately.

In the Werewolf IBCO, each subsequent buyer will have to pay a slightly higher price for each WOLF token when you buy. As more individuals are interested in the project and start investing in the WOLF token, the value of each token progressively increases along the bonding curve, which gives you the first-mover advantage.

The cost of each WOLF token is settled by the bonding curve, which depends on the total supply of the token and reserve ratio, and whatever Ethereum is paid into the contract to buy Wolf token, this is deposited or stored in the IBCO.

Wolf Token Details

Wolf Token is the Standard ERC-20 Token smart contract with Name, symbol, and initial supply function with collateral Ethereum to mint more Wolf Token in the market supply.

  • Name: WOLF Token
  • Symbol: WOLF
  • Initial Supply: 721000
  • Initial Price: ~ $0.0018
  • Decimals: 18
  • Contract Address

Steps invovled in Werewolf IBCO

Steps to Purchase WOLF Token
  • Visit https://app.werewolf.exchange/
  • Connect your Metamask wallet to the Werewolf Defi interface.
  • Enter the amount of Ethereum(ETH) you want to deposit to buy WOLF Token.
  • Click on "Buy Wolf Token" and wait for the transaction confirmation.
  • WOLF will be transferred to your wallet address.
Purchase Now
Steps to Stake in the Moon Pools
  • Visit https://app.werewolf.exchange/
  • Click on Stake menu and then click on Full Moon in the dropdown menu.
  • Enter the number of WOLF Token to stake in a pool.
  • Click on Approve and wait for the transaction confirmation.
  • Now stake your WOLF Token by clicking the "Stake" button in the desired Moon Pool.
Stake Now
Get your Werewolf coin
  • After staking in Moon Pool, you can see your WWC in the same pool.
  • On Full Moon, the pool gets over, and you can withdraw your WWC and exit the pool.
  • You can use your WWC in NFT Marketplace
  • You can also trade your WWC on exchange
  • You will receive more WWC when you stake early in future Moon Pools.

Moon Pool Reward - Werewolf Coin (WWC)

Werewolf is the ERC-20 utility token accepted across the Werewolf finance platform. Here, the token is mostly used for trading (Buy and Sell) NFT assets, and give rewards to those who staked their wolf tokens into the staking pool, and is available for swap within Werewolf decentralized exchange.
# Staking Moon Name Moon Date WWC Reward WWC Reward per day
1 Wolf Moon 28-Jan 1386538.462 277307.6923
2 Snow Moon 27-Feb 2773076.923 79230.76923
3 Worm Moon 28-Mar 4159615.385 64993.99038
4 Pink Moon 26-Apr 5546153.846 59636.06286
5 Flower Moon 26-May 6932692.308 56363.35209
6 Strawberry Moon 24-Jun 8319230.769 54731.78138
7 Buck Moon 23-Jul 9705769.231 53623.03442
8 Sturgeon Moon 22-Aug 11092307.69 52570.17864
9 Corn Moon 20-Sep 12478846.15 51995.19231
10 Harvest Moon 20-Oct 13865384.62 51353.27635
11 Beaver Moon 19-Nov 15251923.08 50839.74359
12 Cold Moon 18-Dec 16638461.54 50572.83142